Hammer, Meet Head Of Nail

Clicking through old posts over at SayUncle a moment ago, I ran across this quote:

…telling someone else they’d be better off going to a shelter, or buying a can of mace, or one of those dandy little whistles – that is a nearly criminal lie. Preventing, or helping to prevent a woman from acquiring the knowledge, licence, and tool she needs for effective self defence – well, as far as I am concerned that is “accessory before the fact.

Yes, yes, yes! Shout it from the rooftops, run ads saying this in every medium, put it on billboards from Long Island to Long Beach! It just can’t be said any better than that, although I am tempted to go a little further and say that anyone who discourages a woman from getting the aforementioned knowledge, license and tools for effective self-defense would be a borderline accessory before the fact. Someone once told me that they’d rather their daughter be raped and deal with the aftermath than give her a gun (or even suggest the option, let alone encourage it) and risk an attacker taking it from her and using it on her. And that is something I just cannot fathom, even from a gun-fearing wuss. I guess this is a little personal for me, as my life and the life of someone I once knew would be completely different now, if she had taken the lethal-force route on her sadistic ex-boyfriend. Still, however, I believe with every fiber of who I am that 230 grains of prevention (administered at 850 feet per second) beats 230 tons of cure (administered any way), every time. I once saw a figure from a study that said a woman uses a gun to stop a rapist on average about 416 times a day, or an estimated 152,000 times a year. How many more could be prevented if every woman armed herself?
Once again…there is no such thing as an armed victim.



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