Hey Kimber, We Like Your Guns in the Lone Star State, Too…

From the Orange County Shooters Assn. (h/t Alphecca):

NY has some of the most repressive gun laws of any state including an Assault Weapons Ban and registration of all handguns but that is not good enough for anti-gun Sheldon Silver, and anti-gun rights groups. Several bills, some written by gun haters from Washington D. C. and California, have passed the NY Assembly that would have a severe impact on gun owners and close all gun stores in NY.
One bill requires all gun stores to close if they do not have a million dollar insurance policy that does not exist and will never be offered by insurance companies. Another bill requires that guns have a 10 lb trigger pull but the worse bill is the new “Assault Weapons Ban” that would require registration of many common rifles and shotguns and end the sale of new firearms that fit this very broad definition and totally ban many competition handguns.
…We don’t know how much this new long gun registration scheme will cost but NY City first registered all long guns for a small fee of $25 then started raising fees so it now cost $140 for a 3-year license and after several years, certain long guns, even if they were registered, were banned. NY City Handgun licenses cost $344 every three years and are not valid in the rest of NY State.

Perhaps as the word of this odious bill gets out, Kimber (and any other NY-based gunmaker) will follow the lead of the Illinois gun manufacturers and threaten to pull up stakes and leave the Empire State if this bill passes. I don’t know if any other manufacturers are based there, so the economic impact of their departure might not be enough to make them sit up and take notice. We’ll see as the time goes on. I know that if it were my company, I would be doing my level best to get the hell out of there, though I know that’s not always a viable option and would not hold it against any gun manufacturer who decided to stay where they were. But, once again, if anyone in Yonkers is listening, Texas is a great place…heh.



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