Oh, now this is just great…

From today’s Houston Chronicle:

Prosecutors charged a veteran longshoreman with murder and aggravated assault after a Sunday morning fight inside an east Houston restaurant erupted into gunfire….

It should be fun to see how long it takes the deception specialists at groups like the Violence Policy Center and the Organization Formerly Known As Handgun Control to spin this guy as representative of concealed-carry permit holders not just in Texas, but nationwide as well. I can just hear them now…
“See? Citizens carrying guns’s bad, m’kay? People only want to carry them because they’re paranoid, m’kay? And the people who do carry them are prone to go off at a moment’s notice, m’kay?”
And even if it turns out he was justified, the money’s on the gun-grabbers pulling out the same broad, worn paintbrush and painting all gun owners as paranoid, hair-trigger-temper-possessed reprobates, as they’re so prone to do when something like this happens.


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