Chucky Shi..Schumer Shows His True Colors, Yet Again

Friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters, if ever you doubted where gun bigot extraordinaire Chucky Schumer stands on your natural right to arms, he made it known a couple of days ago, as the news broke that the NRA was going to ask police chiefs and mayors to pledge not to disarm law-abiding citizens like you and me in cases of natural disasters, terrorist attacks and the like. From ABC News (h/t Jeff):

“This shows the NRA at its worst, at its most extreme,” said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., a longtime advocate of gun control. “To put handcuffs around police officers who are doing their jobs for some crazy way-out-there view that police officers want to confiscate guns of law-abiding citizens is to make a mistake. If I were Mayor Bloomberg or [New York] Police Chief [Ray] Kelly, or any other law enforcement officer, I’d say to the NRA, ‘Make my day.'”

No doubt the NRA shall do just that, just as they did in New Orleans, filing suit along with the Second Amendment Foundation against the city of New Orleans in the aftermath of the Katrina gun confiscations…

Crazy, way-out-there view? So this statist swine thinks the Great New Orleans Gun Grab of 2005 was a product of the eeeevil gun lobby’s imagination, just subversive right-wing propaganda? This blatant violation of New Orleanians’ rights was caught on video and documented in the newspapers, for crying out loud! I would say Chuck and his ilk are stupid, but they’re way the hell beyond that. Chuck Schumer and his gang of statist thugs are dangerous…very, very dangerous. I would go so far to say they’re the very kind of people from whom our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in the Constitution to protect us. I remember the words of Suzanne Gratia Hupp to — who else? — Mr. Schumer:

“The Second Amendment isn’t about protecting ourselves against criminals. It’s about all of us protecting ourselves from all of you.”

How appropriate it was that she made that comment to the senator from New York. If I remember correctly, the NRA in the near future is coming forward with recorded testimony from those who were forcibly disarmed, further countering Chuck Schumers blatantly dishonest portrayal of post-Katrina New Orleans. Still, though, I find it outrageous and quite disturbing that a United States Senator would effectively go on record as characterizing recorded history as “some crazy, way-out-there view.” I am trying so hard not to get to the point that I could legitimately have Godwin’s Law invoked upon me, but I defy anyone to say Schumer’s tactics, if taken to a certain extent, would not be coming straight out of Joseph Goebbels’ playbook. Throw a ready-willing and able anti-gun media in there, and, well, presto! The despot-enabling propaganda gets spread far and wide, with little or nothing to effectively counter it! Of course, there’s the blogosphere, and outlets like Fox News, but still on the other side we have the Big Three networks and the East Coast Axis of Misinformation, made up of the New York Times and the Washington Post, and while the latter doesn’t have as much sway as it used to, it’s still rather frightening to contemplate what could happen, especially if that onerous Brady Bill II were passed about the time a major disaster struck. Sometimes it’s enough to make me wish that Texas and all the rest of the Southern states would break off again so we wouldn’t have to be subject to such dangerous idiocy.



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