Must-Read Interview with Ted Nugent

Via Little Green Footballs this morning, I came upon this great interview with Ted Nugent, from a British publication, no less. Some golden stuff here…

“Never has there been such an upsurge in crime since they confiscated all your weapons. Why don’t you arm yourselves? You Limeys have a zipper that’s locked in the closed position, because you don’t have a constitution. You’re rewarded for shutting the fuck up.

“…I consider myself a true liberal. I am armed in order to stop good people being destroyed by bad people. Liberalism is assisting quality of life, whatever you may choose. I think that homosexuality is wrong. I think that people who drink, smoke and take drugs are doing wrong.

“But I’ll tell you how I judge people. The people that ran up those burning towers on September 11 were my heroes. And among those warriors who ran back to save their fellow human beings, you know what there were? Homosexuals. Smokers. Drinkers. People I wouldn’t agree with on numerous conduct levels. I judge people on this: are they in the asset column, or the liability column?

“…How do you get peace, love and understanding? First of all you have to find all the bad people. Then…you kill them.”

Quite refreshing candor there from The Nuge, and completely characteristic of him, of course. No doubt the Bradys and Sugarmanns of the world would piss themselves if they ever encountered him personally, and there’s no telling what they’d say about him if you shot them full of sodium pentathol (though I can certainly hazard a few guesses), but as for me, I think Ted Nugent is awesome. It certainly wouldn’t hurt the cause of freedom if we had a few more like him.


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