So Easy For Him To Say…

David Hardy at Of Arms and the Law points us to a story from The Hill, where a bill blocking arms confiscations during emergencies is reported to have made it out of committee. And, as Hardy put it, just in case there’s any doubt on where some folks stand on the issue, here’s a quote from Joshua Horowitz, director of the Organization Formerly Known as the Coalition to Ban Handguns…

“There’s been a lot of hyperbole on this,” Horowitz said. “There’s evidence that the police were doing their job. It’s not for a gun control group or the NRA to get in there and make decisions. I don’t know why we don’t trust law enforcement to do what’s right in these situations.”

So there you have it, folks. Add another to the list of people who think that the Great Louisiana Gun Grab and all its attendant consequences and implications was just overblown rhetoric. He says there was evidence the police were doing their jobs, but, interestingly enough, he just leaves it at that — citing no evidence, and we all saw with our own eyes, the failings of law enforcement in the situation. But the most infuriating thing of all, is that these cretins will spew this shit as they sit up there in their goddamned air-conditioned offices, light-years away from the hellish shitholes that situations like the post-Katrina Gulf Coast are. I have to tell myself, “breathe, dude, breathe…” but I am just completely flabbergasted that there are people out there who are just so completely and utterly clueless. I would love to see people like that, without any warning whatsoever, thrust into the situation that so many central Gulf Coast residents found themselves in, and leave them unable to defend themselves.
Let them see then how they like it, and…
Let them remember their clueless, gutless, spineless mewling about “trusting law enforcement to do the right thing” when said law enforcement is stretched so thin that they’re not even THERE to “do the right thing” — and that’s before we get into whatever portion of law enforcement walks off the job, joins in the looting, etc.
Let them remember their gutless mewling when the wolf shows up at the door and there’s no sheepdog there to protect them.
Let them remember their gutless mewling, as the wolf eats them alive.
Remember, folks…this is the type of people with whom those who like to position themselves as “sensible moderates” want us to compromise. Remember that always, especially when these “sensible moderates” start their self-righteous lectures.



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