Exciting Music News, From the Mailbag…UPDATE! Well, Maybe Not

This might be considered ancient history to some folks, but on Memorial Day weekend two years back (May 29, 2004 to be exact) three big names in American music — George Strait, Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett — played a one-off show at Texas Stadium in Irving, where the Cowboys play ball. Through a couple twists of fate, I was lucky enough to be off work that weekend and have enough extra bucks in my pocket to score a ticket a couple of weeks before the show. It was every bit as good as fans of those three gentlemen might expect, with some unique moments that might well never be repeated — Strait and Jackson dueting on “Designated Drinker,” Strait and Buffett singing a duet of “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” (which, incidentally, was the only time I’d ever seen Strait do that one live in the 10 times I’ve seen him thus far) and the grand finale of the evening, the three of them belting out Buffett’s signature song, “Margaritaville.” The possibility was mentioned that there’d be a live recording of the show for sale at some future undetermined date. With the drudgery of life getting in the way between then and now…bad relationships, college, hurricanes, you know the drill…that live recording slipped to the back of my mind and almost off the radar completely. Well, last night as I was navigating the Web, the following message showed up in my inbox:

“Rumor has it that the JACKSON STRAIT BUFFETT Live at Texas Stadium CD (apparently a CD-DVD combo!!–ed.) will be issued by MCA Nashville and is currently scheduled for a June 13th release.”

A search for it at Amazon.com turned up this. It said the release date was Feb. 7, and that’s come and gone. But I am guessing that cover art wasn’t Photoshopped, as the cd has also been mentioned at BuffettNews.com, a Parrothead-run site that Buffett himself visits and has mentioned on Radio Margaritaville. In any event, I am very, very excited. More on this one as it develops…

UPDATE: Went to the FYE in the mall yesterday, and no Jackson/Strait/Buffett cd to be found. I haven’t a clue of the release date and was, quite frankly, too ticked off to ask. Maybe I’ll go today. I was so looking forward to it…


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