Playing With Fire

I know it’s late, but still worth a blog. From last week’s Evans & Novak report, via THR:

Meeting after the big failure (of the Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage — ed.) at the offices of the social-conservative Family Research Council, the top leaders of the marriage movement — Catholic, Protestant and Mormon leaders among others — discussed the possibility of an unprecedented Constitutional Convention. Two-thirds (34) of the state legislatures would have to call for such a convention — which could be done only with great difficulty. Even then, no one knows what such a convention would look like or what sort of amendments could result from it. Article 5 of the Constitution is quite vague on the subject.

A Constitutional Convention? (heretofore referred to as Con-con) Just who in the bloody hell do these self-righteous jackasses think they are? We conservatives rightly raise a stink about judicial activism all the time, on issues from gay marriage to lawsuits against gun manufacturers and here we have an even worse form of activism from people who claim to be on our side — lobbying by what could arguably be called an extreme minority group, accountable to no one but its own extremist members, lobbying for a convention at which the entire Constitution could be re-written, because they’re not getting their way in Congress. Yes, that’s right. Once a Con-con is called, it’s open season on the whole thing. Do these meddling morons have ANY IDEA of what that could mean? Think of the possibilities. Just off the top of my head…

An official state religion.
A “right to employment,” and a “right to strike.” (that last thing is actually in the European Union constitution)
“The right of the people to be free of the fear of gun violence shall not be infringed.”
A “right to affordable healthcare.”

And there are plenty more where that came from, but you get the general idea — a Con-con would arguably open the door to our country, the last, best hope of free men (and women) on earth, potentially being transformed into another one of the socialist, nanny-stater crime-ridden shitholes that too many European countries have turned into. Some might think I overstate the possibilities, but no doubt they’re there. We have justices on the Supreme Court saying that international law should be taken into consideration when deciding cases here in the United States — and the travesty of Kelo v. New London (incidentally, a year ago tomorrow that decision was handed down). We see the leftists in Washington and elsewhere howling about how corporations are gouging the little man, and not paying him enough (they also say, “Raise the minimum wage!”) showing what little regard they have for the free market and the laws of supply and demand. And God only knows how many people in charge are listening to the folks at the UN, Handgun Control, the VPC, IANSA and the various and sundry other victim-disarmament organizations. Were we to rewrite our Constitution for any reason now, all of these people would be given a seat at the table and a voice in the proceedings — which, strictly speaking, is how it should be (that is, to the extent they represent the viewpoints of the American people, which I would submit, is NOT to any great extent — ed.) — but with the way the American people have been brainwashed by the public schools and the media, the above-mentioned people and groups would arguably have the run of the convention, and by the time they were finished, if the product of their unholy alliance were to be ratified, I submit to you here and now that it would be nothing short of the end of the United States of America. The grand experiment isn’t in the best shape now, and hasn’t been for a long time, but it’s still far, far preferable to what could come out of something like a Constitutional convention in this day and age. The religious rightists are playing with fire, and they need to be stopped at all costs. What they are proposing is nothing less than a Faustian bargain with the result being a Pyrrhic victory, with the sacrifice being the Republic itself and the further result of everything our forefathers and ancestors fought, shed blood and died for, being rendered to be in vain. All their sacrifices, for NOTHING. All so two men and two women won’t be able to get married. I don’t particularly like the idea of gay marriage myself, but if it comes to be that same-sex marriage cannot be proscribed by Constitutional Amendment as laid out in Article V, then that’s just the way it’s going to have to be, for the good of the Republic. Damn it, people, for the sake of our fair Republic and our descendents — leave the Constitution the fuck alone! It’s worked for us for more than 200 years!



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