Get us out, indeed…(UPDATE!)

Much has been written about the UN small arms talks in New York City. The folks in charge of the conference say that its aim is to find better ways to curb the illegal trade in small arms and they don’t want to take Americans’ weapons (never mind the fact that we find the requirements they want to impose on us, far too onerous to tolerate — licensing, government-approved storage, andonandon) BUT! It seems as though one of the attendees, the Indonesian representative at the conference, has let the cat out of the bag:

We believe that no armed group outside of the State should be allowed to bear weapons.

Now, what can you say to that? After the utterly dismal history of the 20th century, in which various States disarmed, enslaved and murdered some 170 million of their subjects, we still have people who work for The State say that all the guns should be in the hands of The State. After all of the failures of this bureaucratic clusterfuck when it comes to stopping The State, whoever it may be, from slaughtering its people, or various groups from slaughtering their countrymen, these people are still advocating stripping the vulnerable of their last line of defense against their extermination??? What is it that many say, Get US out of the UN? It’s long past time that has happened, as it’s just a snakepit, full of tinpot dictators, tyrants, nanny-state socialists and anti-Semites. They need us a hell of a lot more than we need them, and it would be nothing but good if the United Nations was neutered, kicked to the side of the road and left to rot. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and thanks for the memories…or, y’know, not.

UPDATE: David Codrea, once again, drives the point home even better…

It’s time we chased these monsters from our shores, razed the UN building, pulled down their obscene twisted gun barrel sculpture (and melted it into something useful–like personal defensive arms) and pried off all those “World Heritage Site” placards desecrating revered locales like Independence Hall.

Amen, brother.



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