Illinois: A Little Closer to Tyranny

The sun rises, the sun sets, and as it does so, Illinois comes ever closer to tyranny

Earlier this month, Cook County Board member Joseph Moreno stood before the county board and called for “…house to house searches to pull every gun out of Cook County.” Moreno’s statement comes within days of Blagojevich claiming that anyone in Chicago who owns a gun is a “gang banger” and is “…up to no good.”
“I think the timing of the Blagojevich and Moreno remarks is more than just coincidence,” commented ISRA-PVF spokesman, Richard Pearson. “During the July 6th dedication of the Sparta shooting complex, Blagojevich didn’t mince any words when he essentially declared that any gun-owner north of I-80 is a criminal. Then, days later, a powerful member of the Cook County Board calls for police sweeps against the homes of lawful gun owners. These statements didn’t happen by accident — the intent is clear….House Bill 2414 remains alive in a House committee awaiting a call for a vote. If passed into law, HB2414 would result in the banning and forced confiscation of millions of lawfully-acquired firearms from law-abiding Illinois citizens. The raids would be aided by a database of firearm owners being maintained illegally by the Illinois State Police.”

If you’ll recall, HB 2414 is the “assault weapons” ban currently in the Illinois legislature; the bill “(p)rohibits the knowing manufacture, delivery, and possession of semiautomatic assault weapons, assault weapon attachments, 50 caliber rifles, and 50 caliber cartridges.” Illinois firearm manufacturers — Springfield Armory, Armalite and Rock River Arms — have told the Illinois State Rifle Association that “should any form of HB-2414 pass, they will be leaving the state, taking with them over $300 million in manufacturing.”
Add to that Richard Daley’s demands to Illinois gun owners to appear before him and explain to him why their guns shouldn’t be banned and confiscated, and it gets me to wondering why the gun makers didn’t pull out long ago. I have a feeling I know why — money and the expertise of master gunsmiths and such — but still, if I were in the position to do it, I’d be doing my level best to get my company the hell out of such a place. I don’t think I could stand to put so much money into the pockets of people with such a hostile attitude towards the lawful, safe and fun products that put food on my family’s table and shoes on my kids’ feet. I have to wonder how many master craftsmen could be found down this way, and in neighboring states such as Oklahoma and Arkansas, should the Illinois gunmakers’ workers not want to relocate. It would be interesting to find out, and see what happens if 2414 ever becomes law, although I hope it doesn’t, for the simple reason that Illinois gun owners deserve better than to have Richard Daley’s demands shoved down their throat by Daley’s puppet Rod Blagojevich and his minions in the Illinois Legislature.



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