On Being Old Fashioned…

Xavier had this to say, this morning…

I used to be a young buck a few years back, and I packed the latest tactical hardware. Back then, it was called Beretta. Mel Gibson carried it in Lethal Weapon, and the military had finally wisened up and gotten rid of that obsolete WW1 pistol for a modern Beretta. I had one too. Glock and HK were the dark force in polymer avant-guard in those days.

I would see the old fogies chomping cigars and shooting their six guns at the range. I would scare my targets half to death with hails of ammo peppering the entire area of the paper. I left no 4X4 inch area unshot. Dadgum I was good!…

Well now. I guess I’m even more old-fashioned than I thought. I have absolutely no use for rap “music” or any kind of video game (though I have absolutely nothing against the latter), and most of the music I like came out long before I was born. Much new “country” music I can’t stand because, well, it’s just not country anymore (it’s not evolution of the genre, it’s consolidation and bastardization of it). To hell with Rascal Flatts and Kenny Chesney, gimme some Merle Haggard and George Jones.
And even when I started shooting again, even though that first gun was a wondernine autopistol, I still had nothing against wheelguns and knew that I’d be adding some to my collection…and I had yet to discover the wonders and joys of that old WWI pistol Xavier talks about, but ever since I picked one up, it’s hard to pull myself away from it. Love at first shoot, it was, and as for wheelguns, there’s nothing like slipping a round in each chamber, snapping it shut and going to town. And I still have no interest in any kind of polymer pistol. Judas Priest, where’s my cane??

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