Getting A Grip

A few days ago, I was going back and forth with Firehand on the whole grip situation. As regulars know, I have the rubber Hogue wraparounds on all my .45s — my Ruger P90, Springfield GI 1911 and Kimber Tactical Ultra II. The factory grips on the Springfield and Kimber posed the biggest problems when I first got them; the checkering on the front and sides got to be more than a bit uncomfortable on the hands during my typical shooting session. So as soon as I could, I replaced them with the Hogue rubber wraparounds. I suppose some might say I am an apostate from the Church of St. John for saying this, but I think those Hogues make the 1911 look pretty good as well as make it shoot better. Some might think it a little utilitarian, or even taking away from the soul of the gun, but, well, to each his own. I think the 1911 is such a beautifully-designed gun anyway, that you could only take away from its allure by putting something on it so garish like hot pink or neon green — although, if something like that got a lady to be not so afraid of a gun, it could only be a good thing, for a little while, anyway…


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