The Price Is Wrong, Yet Again; or, Beware The Righteous Fury Of The Betrayed

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Via THR, comes this from one Jenny Price, who wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post, I believe it was, right around Christmas last year, calling for a national ban on defensive sidearms. (If I remember correctly, it ran in the Post on Christmas Day. How’s THAT for a turd in yer Christmas custard?) It seems that Jenny Price Googled her handgun ban article, I guess to gauge the reaction to it, and she was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, that, wonder of wonders, some people actually thought she was full of bovine feces! So she wrote this follow-up piece, and it was more or less something to the effect of, “Oh, nooo, the gun nuts were mean to me, we should take all their mean ol’ handguns away so they don’t shoot us in a fit of rage!!” Granted, there were some responses to her Christmas commentary that were indeed over the top, and I know it’s always best to watch what we say, but seriously, folks, what in the bloody hell else do these people expect when they propose to impinge on the human rights of all the population for the acts of a few mutants? I’ve fallen into the trap myself before, but I’ve crossed paths with people in my lifetime who would have been much better off if they’d had a gun available to them, and the willingness to use it, at certain points in their lives, and for someone to say that they should be denied such a means of defense just, indeed, drives me into a fit of righteous fury. You know how the old saying goes, “beware the righteous fury of the betrayed.” Well, that righteous fury is what Jenny Price saw, albeit poorly expressed in some corners, and, being the typically disingenuous gun-grabber Jenny Price is, she chose the worst of the worst to advance her anti-human rights cause and paint all of us gun enthusiasts with the same broad brush as more or less knuckle-dragging troglodytes with hair-trigger tempers and itchy trigger fingers. And this:

I can cite statistics, and I can tell you why the right to carry a 9-millimeter semiautomatic handgun with a 10-shot clip is not guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

is one more reason that I never, ever use the Second Amendment to advance mine and my fellow man’s human right to keep and bear arms. The individual-rights interpretation of the 2A has gained ground in recent years, but as Jenny Price’s emotion-fueled, hate- and paranoia-filled rhetoric shows, there is never going to be any shortage of people who will advance the collective-rights interpretation to further infringe on the 2A and pass yet more unconstitutional laws.
Hate- and paranoia-filled, you ask? Take a gander at this:

…the paranoia and bone-chilling hatred that spew from such sites as and make for an equally — and unusually — effective argument for a ban on handguns.

I would submit that the fact that Jenny Price advocates disarmament of those who disagree with her constitutes the real bone-chilling hatred. And as for paranoia, if the fear that people who disagree with you, even so vehemently, will so cavalierly pull out a gun and put a bullet in you, does not constitute paranoia, then just what does? Talk about the “Wild West” mentality taken to its logical extreme. And yes, that’s bullshit, too. I really liked what David Codrea had to say yesterday morning:

So you can call us names but we can’t reciprocate?

Here’s the difference, Jenny Price. These people will leave you alone if you do the same to them. But you insist on using the force of the state to bend them to your will–and having them destroyed if they don’t comply.

Yes, indeed. We didn’t kill your brother, Jenny Price. Leave us the hell alone and we’ll do the same to you.

(More commentary from SayUncle, The Ten Ring, Jeff @ Alphecca and Firehand)

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