The Clintons and Guns: A New Look at Some Old Perfidy

Via Jim over at Smoke on the Water comes this from Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that fights government corruption, announced today that it has uncovered new documents from the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas which shed light on the Clintons’ plan to attack the gun industry.

Read the documents for yourself here. All the familiar avenues for leftist attacks on gun liberties can be found here, including:

Gun licenses. “Individuals seeking to buy a handgun would be required to obtain a photo license from their state of residence, and to present the license when they purchase a handgun. States would issue a license only if the applicant has (1) passed a Brady background check; and (2) shown proof of having completed a certified safety course or exam….Licenses will require a $44 application fee and a $26 renewal fee, and fees are based on the cost to the Treasury Department for processing applications.” Of course, we all know what kinds of harassment potential gun owners have to deal with in places like New York, Massachusetts and Illinois, all states that mandate some kind of ID cards for firearm owners. I don’t remember right off the top of my head which state it is, but if memory serves me right, one state actually requires that you submit letters of reference for a firearm license and requires spousal approval — and we all know what could ensue if some poor lady’s estranged husband is approached in regards to her attempts to obtain a license/purchase permit…

“Smart gun” technology. “President Clinton will also call on Congress to support research on ‘smart gun’ technology that can limit a gun’s use to its authorized owner.” Of course, we all know that even modern technology isn’t foolproof even in the best of circumstances, and just like everything else is subject to Murphy’s Law. But it’s “for the chillldren,” you see…

Lawsuits against gun manufacturers. “The first set of claims involves the application of product liability law to the gun industry. One such claim — design defect — asks the court to weigh utility of guns against the dangers inherent in those products….Another possible claim is that the use of guns constitutes an ultrahazardous activity.” In other words, “guns are a social liability because they’re dangerous and they could kill.” You’ll see a handwritten note at the top of Page 9: “Why not sue a gang?” We all know why, of course: because gangs don’t have the financial assets the gunmakers do, even if those financial assets aren’t worth nearly as much as the gun-haters would have us think they are.

Once again, Read The Whole Thing
. You’ll see much hay made of how many people are killed or injured with firearms every year, and the same old tripe about negligent marketing and distribution (even mewling about higher calibers and increased muzzle velocity and range!), but virtually nothing about personal responsibility, corruption of culture or abandonment of values — in other words, trainloads of the trademark Clintonian horseshit. Once again, The Layabout Sailor:

We must not let the Hildebeest bring such evil intent back to the helm of the Oval Office! Now, the Hildebeest has been “playing to the center” as were, in regards to one of the Holy Grails of the democrat party; Gun Control. Yet she, and every other presidential contender from the left has a deep-seated elitist streak in them. And disarming America is at the core of their cause.

It always has, and it always shall be.

If you’ve ever given a moment’s credence to the Hildebeest and her kabuki theater of “centrism”, keep this in mind the next time the MSN gushes forth with their next gallon of leftist kool-aid. And then do everything you can, with all your might to keep her wretched hands as far from the reins of power as is humanly possible.

This of course applies to the entire democrat party, but especially to the Hildebeest. She’s not just the most dangerous woman in America, she is indeed the most dangerous person on the left, and she must not ever weild presidential power.

Not if you cherish your rights as an American.

I know well that things aren’t as well as they could be…but it used to be a hell of a lot worse, and could be again, if the Democrats are handed the reins of power again in November, and 2008.
We need to do everything in our power to see to it that does not happen.

Of course, this would also mean making for damned sure that the likes of Rudolph Giuliani doesn’t get anywhere the nomination for the GOP in 2008, as he, like the Clintons, is no friend of the gun industry or of gun owners. Giuliani also filed suit against the gunmakers while he was at NYC’s helm, and, of course, he also supports the whole licensing setup. I could well be wrong, but I think it’s safe to say that with Rudolph Giuliani in the White House and a Democratic Congress, the state of gun rights in this country would go back to being just as bad as it was under the Clintons. I don’t know if the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act would be rolled back, but I have no doubt that under either Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani and a Democratic Congress, they’d do their damnedest to roll it back or get around it. Time will see where the road leads us, but it’s certainly no time to sit back and relax…


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