The Mendacity of Mike Magnum

I’m sure most folks who happen upon my humble place on the Web know about the site As of yet I haven’t said much about its content, well, basically because my visits to the site don’t last much longer than half a heartbeat. But I had to comment on this, via Carnaby, who obviously has a much stronger stomach than I do when it comes to tripe like this, as he actually signed up for their e-mail list!…

Do you know that the NRA lobbies for and backs court cases to allow domestic violence offenders to own guns? And that they also think men who are under restraining orders should be able to pack heat?
And members of the so-called “gun rights” movement also defend the “right” of sex offenders to carry around guns!

I won’t repeat Carnaby’s words here (just go read what he had to say, it’s very good), but what I’d like to say is, what a way to twist the argument. Most of us “gun guys” (and girls, too), as those cretins like to call us, would be arguing that people who can’t be trusted with firearms shouldn’t be trusted to walk among free men…in other words, that they should still be in jail, or better yet in the cases of the domestic offenders, six feet under at the hands of one of their intended victims. Were one to twist Mike Magnum’s argument as he twists ours, one could say that he and his ilk think it’s just peachy keen to let child-rapists and wife-beaters walk free in society. We don’t, of course…but sometimes I ponder if there might indeed be some advantages to playing smash-mouth football down in the mud with these cretins.
The really sick irony, though, is if people like this Mike Magnum jerk had their way, the victims of domestic abuse would be denied their right to use deadly force in self-defense, as we see in this little snippet from the e-mail, ranting about so-called “junk guns”:

…we’d love to see a firearm that meets our “safety standards”– that doesn’t exist

So there you have it. They’d just as soon have that 115-pound woman go up against her 220-pound abuser with nothing more than her bare hands and whatever she might be holding in it, a knife, ink pen, or what have you. These people are foul, foul beings, a boil on the ass of humanity, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Much innocent blood will be on the hands of these bastards and their ilk if, God forbid, it ever comes down to disarmament of the American people.


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