Range Report No. 1: Kimber Stainless Target II, 10mm

Actually, this is two range reports in one, and more of a preliminary report — the REAL ones will come when I can get my hands on some REAL 10mm loads. 😉 I’ve put two brands of ammo through her so far, two different weights and loads:
50 rds. of CCI Blazer — 200 gr. @ 1,050 fps
100 rds. of Federal American Eagle — 180 gr. @ 1,060 fps

So far, I am very impressed. 150 rounds through the pistol, no jams, failures to feed or duds. The slide did lock back prematurely just once about a quarter of the way through the Federal, but I think that was due to limp-wristing. I ran her through my normal range regimen — half at the 3-yard line, half at the 7-yard. Would have tried my luck at the 15-yard mark were I not mainly concerned with how smoothly she’d run through what I fed her, because this gun is arguably more accurate than I am. I know that might not be saying much, considering most guns no matter the brand are more accurate than the people who are shooting them, but still, it’s just amazing. Ragged holes, anyone? I found out that no matter which of my guns I am shooting, though, I tend to shoot low and to the right. Next trip I am going to start working on that…I’ve been shooting the Springfield GI on most of my recent range trips and the same thing’s been happening. I was thinking it was the gun, but apparently it isn’t. The recoil of the Kimber 10mm with those light loads seems to be similar to that of the .45, so it didn’t take long to get used to, but I know what’s really gonna tell the tale is those real 10mm loads. When the founds come, so will they — and it won’t be too long. I look forward to it…


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