More Word Vomit from the Usual Suspects on the Amish School Shootings

First up, Rosie O’Donnell, who has said in the past that “if you do own a gun, I think you should go to prison,” on the Amish school shootings:

You can buy a gun in America and it is not licensed. We can’t trace who bought it, who owned it or who is responsible. That’s wrong.

Well, yes, it is wrong…but not in the way Rosie thinks it is. She’s saying things that absolutely are not true. There are a few states in this great land where you do indeed have to have a license, purchase permit, Firearm Owner ID Card, or some-such permission from the .gov to buy a firearm — and every single gun purchase through a licensed dealer has to be approved through the NICS, as per the Brady Law, with the serial number of the firearm recorded on the Form 4473 (with the exception of CCW permit holders, but even then the info is retained on the form, thereby creating a de facto nationwide registration scheme — and not that I think any of this is a good thing, I think it’s just yet another wrong-headed measure aimed at the wrong people and yet another avoidance of the real problem, that of a corrupted culture, but I digress)….and just the other day, one of my gun buddies was telling me I needed to get all my serials down and put them in a safe place, so in case any of my guns were stolen and later recovered by the police, I could get them back. Of course, again, we all know that Rosie doesn’t think folks like you and me should have guns, but, of course, she has enough money to hire armed-to-the-teeth bodyguards to protect her kids. Apparently Rosie thinks the rest of us do too, or maybe she just doesn’t care. Either way, I for one find her despicable.

Next up, the same old song-and-dance from Marsha McCartney, from the North Texas Chapter of the Million Mom March, in today’s Houston Chronicle:

If we can’t keep our kids safe in America’s schools, then we might as well give up the war on terrorism, because we have already lost it…..We hope that these tragedies will wake up the nation to do something about the madness it can and should control.

And of course, we already know that the “something” Marsha McCartney and her brain-dead ilk would propose to do, would have absolutely jack to do with arming the teachers or administration and educating said individuals about the combat mindset and the fact that there is evil in the world and we have a moral obligation to rid ourselves of it by any means necessary. No, no, no. They’ll just propose more meaningless, toothless, worthless feel-good measures like registration, “assault weapon” bans, and the like…in other words, more, um, infringements on the rights of the people. As the old saying goes, same shit, different day…



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