National Ammo Day, and Sightseeing at Shooters

As my luck would have it, I had to work Sunday and was going out of town Saturday, so I thought I’d just make my National Ammo Day purchase early. So Friday afternoon I fired up the truck and rode up to Shooters Supply to pick up some. I had my eyes on more 10mm for the Kimber…I could have gotten the Blazer cheaper at Academy, but I also wanted more 10mm brass for when I start reloading after the first of the year. So I went in and picked up 100 rounds of 180-grain Federal American Eagle. (Why, why, whyyy don’t they give us 10mm folks full-power ammo?!?!) I looked toward the back of the store…and what did I see? One of these…

That’s right, a Barrett M82A1 .50BMG, live and in the metal! I’ve heard quite a lot about this legendary rifle but had never actually seen one in person. It was really cool…if I could have stayed longer, I’d have asked the folks there what they knew about it, if they’d ever shot one. Could I afford it? God, but I only wish. I do love the way they advertised it, though…

Cost – about the same as a good used pickup or a new 4-wheeler. But, everybody already has a pickup and a 4-wheeler, right?

I gotta say, I got a kick out of that. ;-)You’ll have to call ’em if you wanna know how much it is; I don’t know that they want it advertised, but I will say it’s right in line with what I thought it’d be, with that scope and case. I seriously wish I could afford one on general principle alone, though. I have an enormous amount of respect for Ronnie Barrett after what he did when the LAPD sent one of their M82A1s back for repair. Would that all gun manufacturers anted up like that.


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