Letter To A Gun-Hater

JR did a pretty good fiskage of this, so I pretty much let that stand, but still I had to pull a Kevin Baker and write a letter to the author of this hysterical, rather offensive piece of dreck

Dear Ms. Heller:
Regarding your recent screed, “Where’s the outrage about gun violence?”
My belief is that your outrage is badly misdirected. 406 deaths is a tragedy indeed, but what you really should be asking yourself and your readers is, “How many of those 406 people ended up meeting their demise due to their own bad choices?” and “How can we put people on the path to making better choices?”
Those bad choices have been made since, well, practically the dawn of man, and they’ll continue to be made, and people are going to continue dying on the streets of your fair city and every other city by whatever means their killers can manage, whether it’s guns, knives, garrotes, Molotov cocktails or what have you. Many have argued that the natural state of man is one of violence, and even a cursory observation of history validates that argument in spades — yes, even before the invention of firearms.
(Ask the folks in the UK how well that whole gun ban thing is working, by the way. As one intrepid blogger states, “the UK has uniform gun laws, IT’S A FREAKING ISLAND and guns still flow across its borders.”)
I could cite statistics and so could you, but the statistics are completely irrelevant either way. You might not agree, but the fact is the first law of nature states that it’s every human’s right to defend himself by any means he can manage, whether it’s a knife, a can of OC, nunchucks or a .45-caliber pistol. If people are denied the means of self-defense, as you apparently would like them to be, then they are denied the right of self-defense. Period. Full stop. End of story. Instead of endless cliches about “too many guns,” “gun culture propaganda,” “kissing the long barrel of the NRA,” “values of the Wild West,” ad nauseum ad infinitum…for once, how about some original commentary that would point the way to some real solutions, solutions that don’t punish those who have done nothing wrong? Your readers would be much better served and you might find some enlightenment along the way yourself.

A law-abiding, eminently peaceable Texas gun owner

Not as long as something Mr. Baker would have done, but then, I always tried to stay short & to the point. Future correspondence will be posted and bumped. If, that is, I get any. We’ll see.



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