Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?

If you’re not reading Alexandra von Maltzan over at All Things Beautiful, you really should be, and her latest post is but one reason why (emphasis mine — ed.):

“Our two revolutions are at heart the same”, Chavez said, comparing Iran’s overthrow of the Shah with his self-styled socialist movement.

Such statements always intrigue me.

Could Chavez really be so ignorant and not only fail to grasp the difference, but the sheer enormity of it?…Is it possible, that he doesn’t know any better? Or does he choose to ignore the Mullahcracy’s all-important emphasis on it being an Islamic revolution; that they couldn’t care less about all the worldly and material promises inherent in the western ideology of ‘revolutions’.

Back in the dusty streets of Tehran, critics are quick to attack the obvious:

What are our bounds with Venezuela, Nicaragua or Ecuador and Bolivia? Are we neighbors? Do we share the same faith?

Of course not. Chavez is just another Infidel; yes, one of use temporarily, but Infidel none the less. Much in the same vain as Infidel members of the MSM are temporarily praised when promoting Islamofascist propaganda.

In other words, Hugo Chavez is little more than a useful idiot to Ahmadinejad and his merry band of fundamentalist Muslim crazies. Their revolutions at heart the same? More like diametrically opposed, as von Maltzan so very astutely points out, and how ironic it is that the Iranians are pointing out that Emperor Chavez is as naked as the day he was born. To be fair, though, I suppose more than a few Venezuelans have figured that out; their viewpoint’s just likely as not going to get any exposure in the international media.
Chavez always seemed to me to be, if you’ll pardon the expression, to be just another leftist blowhard, only with a lot more power than most leftist blowhards. We’ve all heard of the promises he’s made to the people of his nation. And we all know that those promises will go unkept due to all the inherent, fatal flaws of socialism. You’d think these morons would finally figure out that their better mousetrap’s been proven to be a dismal failure. Based on the fact that he is deploying that failed mousetrap in Venezuela, I suppose Chavez might just be too ignorant or stupid to figure that out…and that in the end, all his alliance with Ahmadinejad means is that Ahmadinejad is gonna slice Chavez’s head off last. I hope we never get to that point, though, because if we do it’ll mean that much blood has been shed, at least if von Maltzan’s hypothesis is correct:

…our Thug-In-Chief is most likely promising nukes to each and every one who will support his struggle against all of those nasty nations trying to stop him from fulfilling his promise of a nuclear Holocaust. What a dream scenario: the US surrounded by hostile nuclear powers, giving hell to the great Satan in the North. That ought to buy our Thug-In-Chief some time to sort things out in the Middle East – or so he hopes.

Dream scenario, indeed. We do live in interesting times…


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