It’s Not Paranoia If The Mountain Lion’s Really Out To Get You

Something to think about here, the next time you hear leftist asshats like those on the New York Times editorial board lambasting the advocacy of things such as carrying weapons in national parks…

A Northern California hiker attacked by a mountain lion last week was airlifted to a San Francisco hospital Sunday, where he will likely undergo more surgery.

A spokesman for Mad River Community Hospital in Arcata said doctors wanted to send 70-year-old Jim Hamm to a major research hospital in San Francisco after they performed emergency surgery on his scalp and downgraded his condition from fair to serious.

Hamm first underwent surgery Wednesday after a female mountain lion ambushed him at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. He and his wife, Nell, were hiking when the lion scalped him, mauled his face, ripped off part of his lips and inflicted other puncture wounds and scratches.

This man was almost killed, and he had absolutely no way to effectively defend himself, being as it was he was banned by California law from carrying a firearm in the park (thanks to JR for the link):

LOADED FIREARMS AND HUNTING are not allowed in units of the State Parks System. Possession of loaded firearms or air rifles is prohibited. Exceptions are for hunting in recreation areas that have been designated by the State Park and Recreation Commission.

Yet ivory-tower elitist media hacks at places like the New York Times and Washington Post will sit there in those air-conditioned offices of theirs and carp about the NRA “nationalizing…armed paranoia.” God help us if their warped mindset gains any more traction than it already has in the halls of power…



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