Zumbo Goes Down: Assorted Thoughts

Looks like Jim Zumbo has already taken at least one huge hit, on a holiday weekend, no less!
David Codrea requested & received confirmation that Remington Arms was terminating its business relationship with Zumbo due to his outrageous remarks, notwithstanding the pathetic attempt to cover his tail after the firestorm of criticism his remarks generated. He has more business relationships as well, all of which are arguably in an equal amount of danger.
It just goes to show, you better watch what you say — especially when you have such a bully pulpit as Zumbo did. Some would no doubt cast the urged boycotts as an infringement on Zumbo’s free speech rights, but to me that shows quite a short-sighted perspective, because the fact is Zumbo did more or less the same thing Charlie Meyers did — and Zumbo works for an outlet that is largely dependent on our continued right to keep and bear arms for any and all legal purposes! You can’t separate the hunters from the shooters, no matter how much the traditionalists like Zumbo would like to think you could, because once again the fact is that the antis ultimately want ALL our guns — not just the defensive sidearms & homeland defense (“assault”) rifles.
I don’t know how many more hunters recognize that this fine sunny morning, but I do know that what’s happened here is quite a testament to the power of the shooting community. To an extent once upon a time it was a bit harder to mobilize in a timely manner when it came to situations like this, but with the practically instantaneous nature of the Internet, our power has been magnified perhaps immeasurably — as evidenced, once again, by the fact that the wheels were already turning before this morning at Remington.
A proud moment for us, indeed — and if we’d direct that power towards Congress as we did this hidebound hunting scribe, all sorts of good things could happen. Something to ponder…

UPDATE: Via Tam, we have this e-mail from Tommy Millner, the CEO of Remington Arms, to the site administrator of GlockTalk:

You may feel free to advise your people of the following.

Remington is shocked and dissappointed by the comments of Jim zumbo which have been widely circulated on the web. These comments do not reflect either my own feelings or those of my company!

Accordingly we are severing all business ties with Mr zumbo and any of his companies effective immediately and will make a formal release tomorrow to this effect.

We appreciate the passionate support of our right to bear arm arms by all in the shooting sports.


Tommy millner

Heh. Cobra in the sleeping bag, indeed. đŸ˜‰


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