Random Ramblings on Referrals: Kimber vs. Ruger?

It would seem that I am the No. 1 result for this search.
Kimber vs. Ruger P89? I’d have to say that one’s like, well, I don’t know. Why anyone would want to compare those two is completely beyond me. They’re both great pistols, no doubt about it, but it’s like comparing a Ford Super Duty to maybe a Mustang, or even a GT. Two completely different pistols, with two completely different personalities, but again, both great. I can honestly say it’d hurt less for a cop to take my P89 after a good shoot, if only for the fact that for the price of probably even the most basic Kimber Custom I could get two P89s. The trigger on that P89 certainly is no 1911 trigger, but I can say it’s better than the Glock’s water-gun trigger. Which would I rather have, if money was no object? Probably the Kimber, if for no other reason than that the 1911 is my favorite autopistol platform, but I wouldn’t turn up my nose at a Springfield or Smith & Wesson 1911 either.
Kimber vs. Ruger P89?
If you have the money, why not both?


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