A New Adventure on the Horizon

Yes, the last few days have been busy, but actually pretty productive on the gun front.
I love shooting the 10mm, but it’s absolute hell on the wallet, as is the .45, at least with my meager income. So I thought a while back that perhaps I would take the plunge and get into the handloading game, to save money and customize my ammo to my guns.
So last week, I took the plunge and ordered the RCBS turret press kit from MidwayUSA; it comes with the press, a beam scale, powder dispenser & funnel, case lube kit& loading block, hex key wrench set, deburring tool, case loading block and the Speer Manual No. 13. A couple of more things I’m gonna have to get before I get started, specifically a charging die to simplify things a little bit and I am not 100% sure what else. I’ve heard reloading is just as much fun as shooting…and I am about to find out for myself!

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