The Evidence Was Right There On The Cover…

…and still, a disgruntled Jimmy Buffett fan had this to say about Live At Texas Stadium

I was really looking forward to this album after hearing all the hype about it on Radio Margaritaville. I ran out to buy it the first day it was available and have tried hard to like it ever since. I must say that I feel it was a complete waste of my money. I think the old saw about trying to be a “jack of all trades but master of none” is fitting here.

Many people are fans of pure “country music”. I am not. The hype leading up to the release didn’t say who was singing what. I was under the impression that all three artists were performing all the songs on the album. I liked the collaboration that Jimmy and Alan did on 5 O’clock and enjoyed the License to Chill CD release and expected this release to be similar. It certainly was not. I think I enjoyed License to Chill because Jimmy had a few new gems of his own sprinkled in. Nothing new here however.

…This whole event is akin to “litte Jimmy goes to space camp”…

The hype leading up to the release might well not have said who was singing what, but all the information on the cd was out there for anyone with the intelligence and inquisitiveness to type Live At Texas Stadium into their favorite search engine. There was even a website dedicated solely to the project; in fact, it’s the third result on the Google search for Live At Texas Stadium. And to boot, it even had a song list complete with who was singing the songs.
If you’re not a fan of pure country music, well, considering two-thirds of the cd was from the “pure country” artists on the bill that day, well, I think a detective might call that a clue that you would not like it. And I don’t mean any offense here, but what kind of music fan buys something largely based on the hype anyway? I remember well the hype leading up to — just as an example — the last couple of releases from Shania Twain, but when the release dates came, I left them on the shelf. Why? Because I can’t stand Shania Twain as an artist. That was the beginning and the end of it. Every now and then I get the feeling that some people bitch just for the sake of bitching. This is one of those times.
Incidentally, if you’re a fan of those three gentlemen, it’s worth every penny. Would I recommend it? Yes, indeed.


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