Baby Steps

Hey, I figure I’d be better served by taking it a little at a time here…better to screw up earlier than later. 😉
Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been slowly but surely wading into the reloading pool, and little by little I’ve been finding out that it seems pretty straightforward. Last weekend I tumbled & de-primed about 200 cases, then day before yesterday I tumbled them again to see how effective that ground walnut would be at cleaning the primer pockets. It actually worked pretty well, but those little granules get stuck in the primer pocket sometimes and they’re a real pain in the arse to get out. I’ve pretty much gotten the priming and sizing figured out as well, and the case mouth expansion. I did pretty good on that one, only screwed up one casing. 😉 I had the die too far in, and well, you know what happens with that. Yesterday I was on THR and saw a post there that said you could seat the bullet without belling the case mouth, so I am gonna try that and see how it works with the crimp. I should have some loaded by this afternoon. Stay tuned, more to come…

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