First Rounds

So I spent all day yesterday, well, most of the afternoon anyway, tinkering with my turret press to figure it out. Made some dry runs with the primer feeding system seating dead primers back in to get a feel for how it worked, got the powder dispenser set up, and at about 5:15 yesterday afternoon, I made my first five rounds.

155-grain Hornady XTPs, loaded behind 14.3 grains of Accurate Arms No. 9 and a CCI large pistol primer for a muzzle velocity of 1,244 fps. I don’t have a chrony yet, but I am going to take care of that this week.
I suppose some people might have called it work, but I thought it was fun. I gotta admit, it really gave me a sense of pride that I could do that. I can’t wait to shoot them….it’s gonna have to wait, though, because I have work all this week, and I’d rather get a chronograph first so I can drive them across it and see how my handiwork is. There was only one deviation from the Accurate info, a CCI primer instead of Winchester. I’ll be going out Sunday or Monday, probably. More info to come.

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