Not Quite Sure What to Say To This…

…but, OUCH! (via Nashville is Talking, via SayUncle)

It goes without saying that the term “house negro” gets bandied about with great frequency against anyone of seemingly African descent when they are on the Right. Be you Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Michael Steele, or J.C. Watts, you can expect a Harry Belafonte, a Danny Glover, or yes – even a Steve Gilliard to call you out for being the race traitor that you are. The sell-out, Oreo cookies who do Whitey’s bidding and put a black face on racist policies that would otherwise be rightly called out for what they are. Uncle Thomas and Aunt Thomasinas alike.

But really, who is doing whose bidding in those situations? Can Howard Dean call Condoleeza his “do right answer mammy who be smart”? Can James Carville call out Clarence for collard greens?

Which brings us to today’s marquee morbidity. The tragic, untimely death of Donk House Negro and all around bigot Steve Gilliard. Who knew that boiling bacon grease in a spoon and mainlining it into the neck vein was bad for your health?

Not exactly the classiest thing to do upon a man’s untimely death, but it’s about on par with the race-baiting vitriol Mr. Gilliard freely slung before he shuffled off this mortal coil. No doubt many remember the creation below…

That MS Paint creation was in response to then-Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Michael Steele’s lack of objection to then-Governor Robert Ehrlich’s speaking to supporters at the Elkridge Club, a country club that up to that point had never had any black members. Of course, what Gilliard and his ideological soulmates conveniently failed to mention was that Democrats had also used said club, and that blacks were more than welcome to join; it was just that none had, up to that point. And, of course, you’ll see Smantix (author of the above-quoted obit) savaged in the post’s comments for being insensitive, racist and everything else, while the people calling him out as such resort to the same asshattery that Gilliard and those who agreed with him did when this issue with Steele was in the news. Leftist hypocrisy at its finest.



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