Political Musings For Your Wednesday Morning

First up, via the inimitable Kim du Toit, we have this, from Bill Quick:

The moment Fred Thompson enters the GOP race, Rudy ceases to be a viable candidate for the nomination. Here’s why: Absent a real conservative contender, Rudy can capitalize on the base’s visceral loathing for McCain, and swing them into his camp on the basis of the leadership issue – if not happily, at least with resignation.

I really would love to know what they’re saying to themselves in Rudy’s camp away from the cameras and the microphones. You know Fred has to be scaring the bejesus out of them. Hell, he hasn’t even officially declared his candidacy yet and he’s already just six points behind in the L.A. Times poll. And personally, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to find out that the pollsters had to rig the poll to get Fred even that far behind.
As for the immigration bill, I really can’t do better than du Toit’s suggestions: Secure the border, deny benefits to illegals, deport them if they keep coming, and of course, make English this country’s official language and mandate that it be learned by those who want to come here. John Walton, from the Walton & Johnson show, pretty much summed it up, as far as I am concerned:

“If you don’t have borders and a common language, you don’t have a country.”

Would that our leaders took that to heart, as opposed to basically throwing our country away for another few terms in office.



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