One More Reason…

…that the only permit to carry we need should be the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution: (from the Houston Chronicle)

People who received concealed handgun permits through a Harris County deputy constable charged with falsely claiming his students had completed the proper training could have their licenses suspended or revoked, a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman said Tuesday.

“That’s something we would certainly look into,” said DPS spokesman Tom Vinger. “Whether or not the licenses would be suspended or revoked would be dependent on further investigation.”

Deputy Wilbert Jue, 52, was fired from his job in Precinct 1 Constable Jack Abercia’s office on Monday after being charged with two felony counts of tampering with records. He was released from jail that same day on a $4,000 bail.


“The allegations are that he falsified documents that his students performed hours or accomplished the necessary tests to carry a concealed weapon under our law,” said Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal, whose office led the investigation along with the Houston Police Department.

So many people say we should have to go through government certification to be permitted to carry a concealed weapon…but what happens when the government agents basically drop the ball, or in this case willfully throw it down? The Texas CHL isn’t cheap…$140 plus whatever your instructor charges for the class, and we’re not even getting into the cost of a good weapon or ammunition for that weapon. And now God only knows how many people are in danger of getting their licenses revoked after laying down that money. Probably at least $200 down the drain for each of them. Way to go, Wilbert Jue…way to effing go. The state should make you pay that money back to each CHL holder who loses his license, but I’m betting they won’t, and as I said, things like this are just one more reason the only permit we need should be the Second Amendment…and the only reason is our natural, God-given right to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm.



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