Getting the Wrong Idea

Via SayUncle comes this, from some lefty Tennessee blogger, on ex-New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani:

The right-wingers are willing to forget his views on any number of matters: guns, gays, and abortion, to get someone who will not only go after every bogeyman they see and they can get a law past against, but do so with such delight as no Middle American has ever seen.

Uh..come again? The so-called “right-wingers” this character refers to are but a subset of conservative-leaning people. If you get beyond the big mainstream conservative blogs, past the David Brooks-type people who think the GOP should basically co-opt the Democratic agenda, you’ll see there are quite a few of us right-wingers who have some SERIOUS reservations about elevating him to the highest office in the land. I am sure I speak for more than a few right-leaning people when I say I could never vote for Giuliani. Call me a single-issue voter if you want, but I think Suzanne Gratia Hupp said it best:

How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual… as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded, controlled, supervised, and taken care of.

Giuliani’s record vis-a-vis the Second Amendment is loud and clear. Just another big-government nanny-stater, no different from anyone vying for the Democratic nomination. I’m sure many Democrats would try to say otherwise, but as far as I’m concerned that’s little more than partisan shilling. I don’t know about the views on gays, but we’ll see how the views on guns at least come into play as the campaigns really crank up. We libertarian conservatives will be getting louder then. Count on it.



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