Getting My Fix

So I haven’t been shooting in the last three weeks or so, which I think is probably the longest pause in my shooting sessions ever since I took it back up a little over two years ago. Money was a bit tight, and of course .45acp isn’t exactly cheap. As it turned out, though, this week I had a little extra cash on hand after taking care of my bills, so what did I do? Went and bought myself a box, of course, and the Springer Loaded and I went out yesterday morning. Man, but did it ever feel good to be back out there…like things were back to normal. I was so excited that I didn’t even notice — until the ammo was almost gone –that the rear sight on the pistol was loose, and drifting off to the left. And boy, did I ever feel silly…all I could do was move the sight back and tighten it as best I could with my Gerber multi-tool, because I had left the little allen wrench at the house that I would have used to tighten the screw on them. It worked for the rest of the box, but now comes the fun part, getting them zeroed yet again. I had completely forgotten that the night sights on that pistol were adjustable. One could call it a blond moment, but for the fact that my hair is brown…but yeah, I went shooting, and life is good…



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