Just One Thing to Say…

I really should be ashamed of myself for not keeping up lately with Frank J.’s hilarious takes on things over at IMAO, but with the raise in the minimum wage that takes effect today, I thought of something he said shortly after the Democrats regained control of Congress. If you’ll recall, Michael Moore sent out a really smug message out to conservatives right about that time, and ole Frank, of course, had a dead-on take on every part of it, but this morning I thought of this little snippet (Mike in regular font, Frank J. in bold):

10. When we raise the minimum wage, we will pay you — and your employees — that new wage, too. When women are finally paid what men make, we will pay conservative women that wage, too.

I don’t want a minimum wage! That’s why I went to college!

I really couldn’t have said it any better than that. What really burns my tail about this, though, is that I make more than minimum wage, so when the inflation kicks in, as it invariably will to sustain this increase, I won’t get a raise to counter that, which basically means that I am going to effectively be taking a pay cut. I’ve already taken one this year. I damn sure don’t need another one. Thanks a lot, you sons of bitches. You better believe I’m gonna remember this next time I go to the polls, no matter how badly the Republicans screwed the pooch in their 12 years in the majority.



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