A Tale of Sheer Brilliance: Making Fools of Antis

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From THR:

I left Champaign-Urbana at 0530 with 27 guns in my trunk and one on my hip. Given that Chicago Police reportedly now receive one vacation day and a $300 bonus on their paychecks for each gun they confiscate, I was very cautious. Visions of a car accident and subsequent police contact and discovery of the guns in my trunk filled the back of my mind. It would surely earn me the label of “gun runner” and incarceration in the disease-ridden bowels of Chicago’s city jail.

I’m sure the eyeballs first officer to find said guns would be wide with glee:

“Hoo YAH! Cha-CHING, BABY! I just got a month and a half off and a free trip to Aruba!”

I had 23 guns to turn in and didn’t want to take them all in at once as I expected that would raise suspicions. So I decided to visit three or more turn-in locations to “spread” things out. You know, take five or so into each location until I ran out of guns or they ran out of credit cards.

Might not sound so good at first, but if you haven’t seen it before, trust me, it’s quite gratifying. A lot of folks say that participating in those “gun buy-backs” only helps the gun-haters because it ramps up the statistics on how many guns were turned in, but then there are also those who make the point that the buy-back advocates pad their numbers anyway. I’d agree with that. (By the way, how can one “buy back” property one never owned in the first place?!) Getting money for what are essentially piles of scrap metal and funneling that money back into the shooting sports — money from people who think guns are essentially the root of all evil — is just great. I was laughing out loud with glee and had a grin on my face the size of a B-52 when I was reading this at work yesterday. It’d be fun to see this happen more often. 😉



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