Comments From the Brady Blog

It would seem the powers that be at The Organization Formerly Known As Handgun Control have decided their blog needs to be overhauled. I am guessing they’ll probably shut down comments entirely, considering how pro-gunners practically run the place. Speaking of that, the following was posted by Kelli, one of the two resident gun-haters:

You want to dominate a blog, go to the pro-gun sites with your other gunnut buddies

My response:

We have those and congregate at them too. I see several familiar names here, actually. I just think it’s deliciously ironic that we pretty much own the comments section on a blog by an organization that’s dedicated to stripping our rights from us. Anyone who’s been paying attention to American politics over the last few years knows the power of the Internet is an awesome thing. And if you don’t believe it, just google “Joe Lieberman, netroots” or “Jim Zumbo, terrorist rifles.” I should note, however, that I am no way comparing the lefty lunatic fringe to the average joe AR-15 owner — but the above are textbook examples of what happens when certain groups congregate via this medium and direct that energy to a goal. With that in mind, it’s quite illuminating that here at the blog of what is arguably the biggest gun-ban organization in this great land, most of those who care to speak up are pro-rights and pro-liberty. The Brady gun-ban supporters are, for all practical intents & purposes, nowhere to be found (Celli and Macca don’t really count). Kinda makes me think the Brady gun-ban agenda isn’t nearly as popular as they’d like to make us think it is. If it is, where are all the people who support it? You’d think they’d all be here — or at least a lot of them. Could the Brady Bunch and their insidious agenda really be so transparent to Mr. and Mrs. America? One can certainly hope.

Should be fun to see what happens. They’ll probably shut off comments completely just like the Gun Guys did. Robb mentions possible changes here. Funny stuff.


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