Fred Thompson Takes Another Swing…

and slams another one out of the park:

When I was working in television, I spent quite a bit of time in New York City. There are lots of things about the place I like, but New York gun laws don’t fall in that category.

Anybody who knows me knows I’ve always cared deeply about the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. So I’ve always felt sort of relieved when I flew back home to where that particular civil liberty gets as much respect as the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately, New York is trying, again, to force its ways on the rest of us, this time through the courts. First, they went after U.S. gun manufacturers, seeking through a lawsuit not only money but injunctive control over the entire industry. An act of congress in 2005 blocked, but did not end, that effort.

Now, the same activist federal judge from Brooklyn who provided Mayor Giuliani’s administration with the legal ruling it sought to sue gun makers, has done it again. Last week, he created a bizarre justification to allow New York City to sue out-of-state gun stores that sold guns that somehow ended up in criminal hands in the Big Apple.

I must say, that was a brilliant move on Thompson’s part. Rudolph Giuliani is every bit as weak as either of the Clintons are on this issue, and that much more so when his party affilliation is taken into account. And I fully believe it can be his undoing if someone’s smart enough to actually take advantage of it. I know the RKBA ideally shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but the fact is that in the world we live in today, it more or less is just that. Mr. Giuliani may well call himself a Republican, but for his record on guns he might as well be Chuck Schumer, or Dianne Feinstein in drag. And his camp might as well face the fact that his record is going to be a deal-breaker for more than a few people. Of course, reading the official response — or, should I say, non-response — from Giuliani’s camp, one can’t help but get the idea he and his spokespeople are scared, very scared:

Says communications director Katie Levinson in an email the campaign blasted out tonight:

“Those who live in New York in the real world – not on TV – know that Rudy Giuliani’s record of making the city safe for families speaks for itself. No amount of political theater will change that.”

Why are they scared? Because they have nothing, absolutely nothing, of substance to counter Thompson calling Giuliani out on this. If they did they’d have used it instead of pulling out the same tired old rhetoric used by the Brady Bunch and every other professional gungrabber out there about “making families safe” — or making a not-so-veiled slam at Thompson’s acting career. Rudolph Giuliani’s record on a deal-making-or-breaking issue for millions of Americans is woefully anti-liberty — and no amount of weasel rhetoric about “making families safer” is going to make those millions of Americans think otherwise. As one commenter said, “This round goes to Fred Thompson and the Constitution.”

(h/t Instapundit)

UPDATE: Looks like the Fred has some pretty good spokespeople working for him, too (emphasis mine – ed), and as we also see here, the verbal diarrhea is rocketing out of the mouth of at least another of Mr. Giuliani’s people:

Run or keep your mouth shut!” snarled Guy Molinari, New York co-chairman for the Giuliani presidential campaign.

“If you want to bash people, jump into the pool. We’re waiting for you,” Molinari added.

Giuliani’s adviser called Thompson out of bounds for penning a column on his blog blasting New York City’s gun-control laws under Giuliani and his successor, Mayor Bloomberg.

“He’s not just attacking Rudy. He’s attacking every resident of New York City,” Molinari charged.

Even before the column controversy, a liberal blogger had filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing Thompson of violating campaign-finance laws for electioneering before filing papers for his candidacy.

“I have a serious problem with this guy. Is he running? Is he not running? Now he’s going into attack mode even though he’s not an announced candidate,” said Molinari, a former congressman and Staten Island borough president.

Thompson – who had criticized Giuliani, Bloomberg and Brooklyn federal Judge Jack Weinstein for going after out-of-state gun dealers – laughed off Molinari’s tirade.

“I am tempted to say that was a good ‘shot across our bow,’ ” a Thompson spokesman said yesterday, “but I’m afraid that same federal judge might go after those of us who manufacture out-of-state gun metaphors.”

Priceless. Absolutely priceless. And don’t you worry, Mr. Molinari. Once the Fred declares, he’s gonna blow Giuliani’s authoritarian arse right out of your pool.



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