Gun Troubles

Remind me never again to boast out loud about my guns’ reliability…
So far that Springfield Loaded has run like a top, but over the past couple of weeks trouble’s started creeping up with it. About once every hundred rounds or so, the spent casing’s been getting caught in the action as it cycles; when that happens, I have to drop the mag and work the action back and forth to get it out. Last Sunday was the worst, and to be honest I was in a bit of a funk by the time I left. The gun jammed on me yet again, with the 230-grain Blazer Brass ball, and I thought I’d never get that blasted spent casing out. I had a rod with me just for the possibility I’d need it, but the case looked like it was caught in the mag and I spent a good ten minutes with that thing trying to get it out, putting a scratch on the slide in the process. Not so fun, no…between that and wondering if the girl I’d gone out on a date with the night before would go out with me again, I was more than a little bit stressed this week. I’ve been communicating with the good folks at Springfield the last few days, and the gun as I sit here is on its way back to Illinois to be looked at by their 1911 wizards. I’ll admit this is the second 1911 from them that I’ve had troubles with, but they fixed the last one and I don’t have any reason to doubt they’ll do me right this time too. They’re doing inventory this coming week, and it won’t be till the week after that they’ll be able to look at it. She left Beaumont just after 8 tonight. In the meantime, I have other guns to shoot — more homemade 10mm fun awaits me later this week — and another date on the horizon, so I am feelin’ better tonight…



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