My Rights Day Purchase…

…will be a box of Berry’s plated 180-grain 10mm flat-nosed bullets to reload for my Kimber. Tomorrow, I’ll load some more in addition to the remainder of the last box I loaded this weekend, and go out and shoot them if it doesn’t rain. They make for a great little plinking load behind 12.1 grains of Accurate No. 9. I’d go hotter, but for three things: they’re plated bullets, which means you can’t drive them too fast lest you strip the plating off and lead the barrel; I’ll be using Remington primers instead of CCI, which basically means the prudent thing to do is start again with the minimum load; and this will be firing No. 3 for my current batch of brass. Still, though, with a hollow-point it’d make a pretty decent defensive load if it has the same ballistics as the last batch of Berry’s that I drove downrange, at ~1150 fps and ~528 ft-lb. of energy. We’ll see how it works — with luck it’ll be tomorrow…


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