Judgmental Much?

Wow, and to think some people accuse us gun people of frothing-at-the-mouth hatred…

For the people working in the various branches of the gun industry, moral considerations are apparently not a major concern. If you make the guns or sell the guns or rent the guns, and somebody kills him/herself with the gun, or kills someone else, well, you distance yourself and say ‘I just made/sold/rented a tool, they chose to use it that way.’

Yeah. Sure. Whatever.

You made/sold/rented a tool that is designed to KILL PEOPLE. And somebody used it for that purpose. So, good work, eh? Feel good about yourself tonight as you’re thinking about what you contribute to the human project.

I really should have taken the address of this character’s blog as enough of an indication that it’s a veritable eternal fount of hideously stereotypical self-righteous horseshit. But no, being the masochist I am, I had to go reading through it. Nothing really new here, just the same old Brady Campaign/Violence Policy Center trash about, for example, a lady’s gun being taken from her and used against her — and this Culturologist character claims it happens “often,” but, as is the gun-haters’ wont, dares not back that up with any kind of statistic, not even a biased one. Not that anyone with the sense to come in out of the rain would actually believe said statistic, but one would think they’d be trying harder than that. Maybe you could call it another indication that we on the pro-rights are actually winning — after all, if we weren’t, would people like this Culturologist be spouting such vile rhetoric?
And I’d guess he got that degree in Culturology through the mail — because, if you’ll pardon the expression, he obviously doesn’t know jack shit about the culture of the American gun-owning community at large; he’ll just sit on that high horse and judge us all based on what a few do with guns, as if the problem didn’t go any deeper than the supposed “easy availability” of weapons.
Really now. If you wonder why people get to saying things like “they can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers,” then you need look no further than people like this — people who will not be swayed by any arguments about the natural rights of humans — people who, due to their blind hatred combined with misguided idealism about gun-free societies, would strip us of our most fundamental right — the right to effective self-defense. There really is absolutely only one thing we can tell these people, when one gets right down to it:

The short answer to your demands is “No.” The longer answer is two words and starts with “F.” You can’t have our guns…We’re not going to give them up. There aren’t enough of you to take them from us, and if you try we will resist. Now go away.

Call it frightening, call it dangerous, but is it really anything but cold, hard reality? This may, if you wish, be distilled even more into two simple Greek words that have lived on through the ages…
Molon Labe.



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