Range Report: Dan Wesson Razorback

So late yesterday morning, the Razorback and I ventured out to the gun club, with 100 rounds of 180-grain Remington UMC in the green box. And just for grins, I brought along the chronograph to see how the actual velocity of that particular load compared to the advertised velocity of 1150 fps. I set up the target at the 7-yard mark and loaded the two magazines the pistol came with and it was off to the races. I was a bit disappointed, though, as the ammo didn’t quite get to the advertised velocity; if I remember right it was running somewhere between 1080 and 1100 fps. I was shooting ragged holes, though, more or less. The Razorback shoots every bit as good as it looks. 🙂 Seems I was shooting a bit to the right, but it ate every round without a problem, and the trigger’s nice and crisp. Of course I’d expect nothing less for what I forked over for that pistol, but again, it’s just extremely well-built — and at about $200 less than the Kimber Stainless Target II, well, I just cannot say enough good things about it. (Of course, I won’t be getting rid of said Kimber any time soon. 😉 And to be fair, the price of the Kimber did include two extra magazines.) If you’re looking for a good 10mm 1911-type pistol, this one gets the Live from the (upper) Texas Gulf Coast Seal of Approval. Can’t recommend Dan Wesson highly enough. I may just have to get another once I pay off the credit card…


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