Southeast Texas Gun Shoppe Musings

Via ye olde Site Meter, I got a visit today by someone from Lamar University, my alma mater, who googled the phrase “Buy guns in Beaumont Tx.”
And I don’t know what to tell ya as far as that goes, but to say that if you want the best price, doooon’t buy ’em at Gander Mountain. Gander has a pretty good selection, but the prices are just outrageous, and from what I hear even more so since Shooters Supply closed down a little over six months ago. I heard last week at the range that the week Shooters closed, both Academy and Gander Mountain jacked up the prices on their pistols by about $100. I would certainly like to know how the Beaumont Gander Mountain’s gun sales have gone since it opened two years ago. No matter how brisk their firearm sales might be, what does it say for Gander Mountain that a little shop like Shooters managed to stay open and still do pretty good business? And for something a little more concrete, consider this: I saw a used Dan Wesson Razorback — the gun I picked up late last week — in Gander Mountain some time ago and it was right at $800 before tax — which works out to about $865 after tax, and maybe more if Gander charges a NICS and/or transfer fee. But I got mine new in the box from my friendly local FFL for not quite $900 out the door. But that’s just my situation. I was in Gary’s Guns out on Highway 12 in Vidor (more on that a little later) getting the Remington green box 10mm and they had a pretty good selection, and the prices were comparable to Shooters Supply, who like Gary’s was a Kimber master dealer. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’d check them out, and I’ve heard Jim’s Firearms in Nederland has good prices for the pistols from Yonkers too. Beyond that I don’t know. Shooters was the only actual gun store I bought a gun from. All the rest have come from another FFL; the only other gun store I’ve dealt with around here on a regular basis is BZ Gun and Repair in Groves, and that’s been for reloading supplies. I don’t know how much cheaper on average they’d be, but you won’t find them higher anywhere than Gander Mountain. As I told my FFL, I go to Gander to look — but I come see him when I want to buy.


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