Run That By Me One More Time?

Allahpundit on Heller going to the next level, at Hot Air:

Ironically, the GOP losing this case would be a huge boon to gun-grabber Rudy, assuming he’s the nominee, since it would sharpen the focus on his promise to appoint conservatives like Scalia and Thomas, who share Rudy’s own, ahem, originalist philosophy.

That’s assuming, of course, that Giuliani’s not letting his mouth write a check his ass won’t cash if he actually makes it to the Oval Office, but really that’s neither here nor there for purposes of this post. I don’t see how anyone could come to the conclusion the gun issue being catapulted into the national consciousness is going to help Giuliani in any way with any gun owner who’s aware of his record in New York City. Promises be damned, Giuliani’s record in New York City speaks for itself, and with the issue thrown back in the spotlight in such a high-profile manner the one of the only ways this could help Giuliani is if the Republican bloggers can manage to pull the wool over the eyes of the GOP base. You’ll note I didn’t call them conservative, and there’s a reason for that. They themselves might well be conservative, but for all the advocacy of Giuliani they might as well be casting their lot in with the Democrats because when you look at Giuliani’s record, at least on the gun issue, he’s no better than any of the Democrats. He supported every one of the gun control initiatives the Clintons got through or were going to try to get through Congress — the Brady Bill, the AWB, licensing, registration, the whole gun-control enchilada. And there’s absolutely no reason, at least as far as I can see, to believe he’s renounced any of that. Another one of the only ways this could help him is if certain people — yes, Wayne LaPierre, I’m talkin’ to you! — dropped the ball and didn’t call attention to Giuliani’s record, choosing instead to focus on the Democrats’ shortcomings. As far as that goes, I hope the NRA shows it at least has some integrity and gets busy exposing the potential weaknesses on the GOP side of the aisle as well, but we’ll see.


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