Interesting referral to my humble corner of the Web a couple of days ago, from Barrington, Illinois: google search, “will texas separate if court bans handguns“.
I don’t know if it’d ever come down to secession if the court actually opened the door to any kind of broad ban like a ban on defensive sidearms, but I’d like to think Texas would go all the way and separate from the United States if it came down to that. I am a proud American, but I fully believe that if the people in charge actually decided that a ban and/or confiscation of any more types of guns was in the best interest of the country, then there would be little if any question in my mind that the grand American experiment either had failed or was well on its way to failing and then would be as good a time as ever for Texas to opt out and try it again on our own. It’s bad enough that we have the ban on imports and the de facto ban on full-autos. Maybe it’s a radical suggestion, but something tells me in the end it would be a lot more appealing — read that as less bloody — if it ever came down to bans and confiscations.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see several other states follow suit, too. I hope it doesn’t come to that, and I am thinking it won’t — but again, I wouldn’t be the least bit afraid of separating and becoming our own country. I think the Founding Fathers would indeed encourage such a move, as it would be more or less upholding the things they pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to more than 230 years ago.



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