Might wanna bring more gun there, Sparky…

More interesting referrals from the Site Meter: “Ammo to stop bears Rugar (sic) P90“.
I’ve never been in bear country, but from everything I’ve read, as far as a sidearm goes you’d need at the very least a hot-loaded 10mm, and even that might not cut it in brown bear or grizzly bear country. Me, I’d be taking some sort of big-bore revolver, .41 or .44 Magnum, loaded as hot as I could stand it. But if you absolutely must have an autoloader to stop a bear, a 1911 converted to shoot .460 Rowland looks like it would be pretty hard to beat, though I wouldn’t take anything smaller than a Govt. model as far as that particular cartridge goes. Clark doesn’t make a conversion kit for the Ruger P90, but I think it’d be interesting to see how it would hold up with the Ruger’s aluminum frame.
On a slightly different note, vis-a-vis the 1911 chambered in more powerful cartridges, one of those linked stories said the Kimber 1911 with the .460 conversion kit held up pretty well. That makes me feel a little better about shooting hot loads in my Kimber and Dan Wesson, although I still probably would be wise to invest in stiffer springs and shock buffers for them.



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