A Few Words On Alexander T. Riley

I really hate to think that frothing-at-the-mouth extremists like Alexander T. Riley, aka the Culturologist, actually make it so far in life that they get to be professors at ANY university. To think such high-minded, arrogant and self-righteous people like Alexander T. Riley get into positions to mold the minds of the future is truly a frightening thought indeed. For those of you looking for information on Alexander T. Riley and wondering what he thinks of you if you own any guns, you might want to click this link to see some of Alexander T. Riley’s word vomit. Many of Alexander T. Riley’s hateful screeds seem to have disappeared down the memory hole, but he’s left other verbal droppings in various and sundry corners of Algore’s Intarwebz, most recently right here. You’ll have to scroll through the comments to find them, but the discussion at that link is pretty illuminating as a whole, anyway. More here. More of Mike Vanderboegh’s words come to mind, though…
“Just do me one favor, sport. If you want my gun, you come get it. Don’t send someone else’s son or daughter in federal service. YOU come get it….And, hey, I might even give it to you after I unload it.”


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