All They Have To Offer

Looks like I got a visit earlier this morning, either from teh esteemed Alexander T. Riley *hawk* *spit* or one of his sycophants, as evidenced by more verbal droppings in the comments to this post:

No one’s reading your blog and no one gives a fuck what mindless dribble you have to offer to society or the shit that you like to pull out of your ass on a regular basis you goddamn hillbilly

In order now…
1. A click on the Sitemeter icon at the bottom of the blog would seem to indicate this isn’t the case. 20,459 visitors so far since I started the blog in March 2006, and right now I am running between 45-55 visits and 65-75 page views a day. I am not Glenn Reynolds by any means, but still, I’m pretty proud of that and I really don’t give a damn who isn’t.
2. Judging from the feedback I’ve gotten at my day job — a field, I might add, that has more than a few whose political views run directly counter to mine, albeit not at my level — there are indeed at least some who think that I do have something valuable to offer to society. And I am pretty sure the girl I had wrapped in my arms earlier this morning values what I have to offer. Which matters to me a hell of a lot more than what some anonymous troll thinks of me, my culture or my lineage. So yeah, pardon my french, but Mr. Anonymous Internet Troll, you can go fuck yourself up the ass. Sideways and unlubricated.
This is all these people have to offer, folks. Insults and ad hominem attacks. The facts, and to a lesser extent public opinion, are on our side and have been since time immemorial. As the GeekWithA.45 said some time ago,

“We’re on solid ground folks. It’s time to stand tall, and people who pretend otherwise should be treated with the same bemused sympathy we reserve for someone who insisted that the earth is flat.
“The simple matter is this:

“MMM & The Brady Bunch don’t have open forums because they can’t tolerate, or survive in the face of informed dissent from their dogma, which doesn’t hold water in the light of day.

“If you shine a light on a gun banner, they will either grow and join us, or close their eyes and ears tighter shouting na na na na na while they scuttle towards the darkness.

“We, on the other hand, hold each other to high standards of intellectual integrity, and are generally prepared to stand corrected.

“There is a whole world full of difference between those two positions, and it’s time to stop treating the gun banners arguments as if they were imbued with any sort of validity whatsoever.

“Crap is Crap, and it’s time to treat it for what it is: Self Evident Crap.”


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