Anybody else have any experience…

…with Monarch ammunition?
I picked up a couple of boxes at Academy on Saturday to drive through my Ruger P89; I was looking for some cheap plinking fodder and was initially out for CCI Blazers but the local Academy didn’t have any and they suggested the Monarch. No idea what the specs on it are, it was just 115-grain 9mm fmj, but it worked pretty well for what I was out for. But something kinda weird happened. My shooting partner for the day was behind the sights and she pulled the trigger on a round and…nothing. I thought it might have been a hangfire so I got the gun and waited, dropped the mag, racked the slide and out popped a spent case. My next thought was that it was a squib round, but the barrel was free of any obstruction. My guess is that there was just enough charge in the case to get the bullet out, because I know that I did not load an empty case into the gun…that would have been almost impossible to miss. But then I didn’t even hear a muffled pop, and the slide did not cycle. Cue the Twilight Zone music…But in any event, the pistol ate the rest of it without a hitch. That was the first time I’d ever tried that ammo in any caliber. I’m guessing that dud round was just a fluke — in the thousands of rounds of factory ammo I’ve driven downrange in all my calibers that was the first dud I’ve ever had — but we’ll see.


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