Yup, I got a kick out of this..

I wonder, would these nimrods like some cheese with that whine?

Members of a black ministers group on Thursday called on Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas to resign for sending e-mails depicting national civil rights figures Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton getting zapped and reduced to a puff of smoke.

The e-mail, obtained by Channel 13 and aired on a recent news segment, includes a copy of an editorial cartoon that shows Jackson and Sharpton looking up at a star in the sky. A bubble over their heads reads: “Oh, wishing star, we wish for an end to racial strife and bigotry.”

In the next image, the two leaders are gone under a puff of smoke.

“Poof,” the cartoon reads.

“I wish all this hatred and bigotry would just go away,” said the Rev. Robert Jefferson, pastor of Cullen Missionary Baptist Church and member of the Houston Ministers Against Crime, an organization that works with law enforcement officials. “He sent it to his staff promoting hate against black folk. We are not going to sit by as our public officials sit around being bigots.”

I’d say the bigots in this situation were Sharpton and Jackson, but that’s just me. And you can add Quanell the Tenth to that list as well. The fact is that these people have made racial bigotry their stock in trade, and their bread and butter. Without said racial strife and the attendant publicity it brings, they would all sink into the obscurity they so richly deserve. As for the hatred and bigotry the good (sic) Reverend speaks of, well, whether he wants to admit it or not, the people the cartoon lampooned are just as hateful and bigoted as any Klan member. And the sooner he and his fellow grievance-mongers figure that out and cast the lot of them aside, the better we’ll all be.


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