I love that Texas music, especially Roberl Earl Keen…

here: “Well, I went out last Sunday, with my little Mary Ann, she said, please stay till Monday, and she grabbed me by the can…She laid a big one on me, surprised me with her tongue…but her surprise was waitin’ there between my cheek ‘n’ guuuuum…..”

Oooh, MORE good stuff! 10:39 pm: Willie Nelson, “Stay A Little Longer,” 1978. Quite different from the original, but still a KILLER record, with the trademark harmonica, acoustic & electric guitar, too…

And another GREAT cover, 11:27 pm: “Sometimes, I think it’s a shame, when I get feelin’ better, when I’m feelin’ no pain…” I first heard Deryl Dodd’s cover of this old Gordon Lightfoot song on Dallas-Ft. Worth’s 99.5 the Wolf in late 2000-early 2001. He had been off the scene for a few years, and that was his comeback hit of sorts — at least as far as the Texas scene goes, because as far as I know the record never garnered any significant nationwide airplay. It was a shame, too, because I always thought Deryl Dodd was a real Texas talent. No wonder the establishment pukes didn’t appreciate him…

11:57 pm: the last song on KILT’s Texas Roadhouse for the evening, the title track to Miranda Lambert’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cd. People just thought Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” was edgy…and I was among them, until I was reminded of this song.


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