Spontaneous Trigger Time

Yesterday I was sitting around the house with absolutely nothing to do, so I thought I’d pull out the Dan Wesson Razorback and get myself some trigger time. It’d been a while since I’d taken that pistol for a drive and I didn’t have any handloads readily available, so I swung by the local Academy to pick up a couple of boxes of the only 10mm they had in stock, the 200-grain Blazers loaded to 1060 fps. It’d been about a month since I was behind the sights of a gun and it felt damn good to be back out there, even if I was settling on ammo that wasn’t loaded to its full potential — although, to be fair, the Blazers are a fun way to kill time and just shy of 500 ft-lbs of muzzle energy it’s pretty respectable. And it could have been worse…I could have had the little Walther PPK the guy next to me had, that was jamming on every third pull of the trigger. As it was, though, the Razorback ran like a champ, and I was more accurate with it than I thought I’d be considering it’d been so long since I’d shot it. I really ought to see what it’d do with some of those 155-grain Hornady XTPs backed up with Accurate No. 9…


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